The Chocolate Lady

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I got Bossy

Today at school, Pooper has his standardized state tests.....The school sent a note home reminding me to send him to school well rested and with a good, Im going to go do that now, not that I usually dont, because I usually do, but I just wanted you to know.

I would really love to tell you all about last night's adventure with Bossy's Roadtrip...and I will, but if I tell you now, Ill get carried away, and Pooper might miss breakfast, and get to school late, with mismatched socks, and then Ill feel like a bad mom, especially because it's testing day, and he wont be at his *best*...Im sure you get the picture.

So, barring any unforseeable mishaps (yeah, those never happen around here)...Ill be back to tell you all about my visit with Bossy.


Grandma J said...

For the love of Pete! Pooper goes to bed before the sun sets. I'm sure with all his swimming he is out like a light all night.
I love the Jimmy Dean breakfast croissant of those and a glass of juice should fire him up with a minimal amount of prep time.
I'm antsy to hear about your visit with the bossy lady.

Anonymous said...