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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Chronicles 2007, Part 3

When the kids woke up Christmas morning, we all went downstairs together...except me, as I rushed ahead with my camera and made everyone wait until I was ready....

I captured the first looks of Pooper and Beauty as they laid their eyes on (what I thought) would be their most cherished gifts, their bikes.... (you can view those photos on Pooper's Site , you may need to check in the journal history for the pictures and story.)

But there were some presents that seemed to be even more exciting.

For Pooper, it was his "Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix"...which is some sort of large, watch type contraption that allows you to play digital games with monsters. Unfortunately, all stores were completely sold out of this strange item. I mentioned to Pooper that the stores were sold out, which meant Santa didnt have anymore, and I got that incredulous look, with a remark that "he can make anything!" So, I was forced to go on ebay.

When I got to ebay, I quickly learned that the folks at Ben 10 (which is a strange, animated show with a kid that fights off aliens) had remade their "watch" several times. There was the Deluxe, and the F/X and all sorts of other funky descriptor names, and I couldnt figure out which one was the newest, most-coveted. Luckily, I got the right one, cause can you imagine if I didnt?

And, before I show you the moment when Pooper opened his gift, Ill give you a little idea about him, and his interests, which might help you get a better understanding of why he likes this toy.

here he is, in his regular "get up"...notice the head set, which allows him to communicate with the command center (which is an American Idol microphone, a happy meal toy from McDonalds), the yellow thing around his neck, is his "ipod" joke! It's really just a yellow jumprope, and he tucks one end into his pocket, and pretends to listen and talk into the other end.....then, his arms are covered with a variety of "watch" type things (not yet the Ben 10, as this was taken before Christmas)....anywhoo, he feels very empowered by all these gadgety things, and has wanted the Ben 10 watch since last year (when I bought him a real watch with a timer, etc, instead! which obviously didnt satisfy himm, because the Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix was at the top of the list, again, this year.)

Here he is during that shining moment....

Unfortunately, he opened it in such a hurry, that the instructions were misplaced for the first two days. He wore it anyways, and became so frustrated with not being able to figure it out, that we heard things like, "I hate Santa" and "I wish I were Jewish".....hmmm....luckily for him, the instructions were found, and he was able to apologize for his outbursts.

As for Beauty, Ive already told you about her coveted jingling Greek skirt

But she also enjoyed many other glamorous items, such as a dozen things of lip gloss and body spray and a little kaboodle to keep them in ...and her reaction was the same to each one.....

although, with this one, she realized (unlike SANTA!) that there is not just plain lip gloss, but a glossy COLOR in which it makes it very easy to look like Baby Jane, or a clown....

All in all, she was quite happy with her kaboodle full of beauty products, and makes sure that she smells nice and her lips are "ON" before she leaves her room each morning.

What a lovely thing, when a single trip down the dollar aisle at Target is enough to make a child happy.


BOSSY said...

So cute. Isn't that always the way? Bossy's daughter's favorite gift was a $7 "farm set" (three animals and a few inches of fencing) purchased at a drug store on christmas eve.

Grandma J said...

I love Pooper's "look"...the one with his American Idol mike and his jump rope ipod. He is one cool dude. Too bad Martin never released a commercial version of his secret-code watch.

Yep, Beauty loves her lip gloss and I am proud to say *I introduced her to the wonderful world of shiny lips...I hope her new assortment are flavored like cotton candy, root beer, strawberry shortcake and chocolate milkshake. The fun never ends when you are a me and Beauty

Singer510 said...

Thanks for the great laugh over the lost instructions for the "best watch ever" and how he reacted to it! We've had similar catastrophes here at our house after Christmas morning - it sure makes for a stressful couple of hours for mom & dad making sure we have all the little pieces and paperwork that comes with all that stuff!!