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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Battle of the Bads

As you probably have guessed, on Thursday nights, my rear end is nestled into the couch as I watch *Celebrity* apprentice. Being the Reality TV junkie that I am, I cant help it. It's clear that The Donald was really desperate for celebrities, because most on the show are D listers, at best, some Ive never heard of at Nelly. He certainly doesnt have any Tom Cruise's or Gwyneth Paltrow's, instead he has a few that seem to be trying to make a life out of reality tv, cough - Gene! cough- Omarrrrrrosa!

Tonight, they both ended up in the BOARDROOM, with their big fat heads on the chopping block. As much as I dont care for Gene...and agree that his ego and pompousness and arrogance and jerkiness really cost them the job, I was rooting for O-my-rooster to get the axe.

and while we are talking about O-moooo-rosa, has anyone else noticed that she seems to have dropped some weight, and, sort of looks like she is on crack? Too thin, and mean spirited....this picture below was obviously taken a while back, because she looks less healthy now;

Maybe Im just annoyed, because on the first task, O-mimosa CLEARLY AND FIRMLY told Tiffany that they were NOT to use their celebrity to sell their hot-dogs (tough task huh?), and that strategy cost them the win. And Tiffany didnt fully come out and point the finger at O-my-momma, letting her off the hook. It was a shame, and yes, I did yell, "tell Donald she told you NOT to use your celebrity!" many times at the TV. but it didnt help.

So, now Gene is gone. I guess that's ok. He was too odd, and creepy. I mean, his hair looks like the world's largest brillo pad. Not that it matters, but, if a guy is gonna walk around and talk about how sexy he is, he should probably get a decent hair do. Maybe that's why The Donald liked Gene so much, they both are coiffaly (yes, I made that up) challenged.

Im not yet sure who Im rooting for.....kind of for Tito, because he has St. Jude's Children's Hospital as his fund pediatric cancer research. And, suprisingly, he seems like a really nice guy, if you can block from your mind that he dates a porn star (yes, I realize Im full of judgement here, but come on!) you all watch this show? who should have gone home tonight? who do you want to win?

Come on, de-lurk for a moment and tell us.....


The Running Girl said...

I don't watch this show because it conflicts with Grey's Anatomy (which I don't miss), but last week when I was in Orlando for the Disney marathon, we didn't get back to our room in time to start watching Grey's from the beginning. The friend I was out there with does watch the Apprentice, so we tuned in to see who would get booted. You are right about the celebrities being "D list". If Tito has St Jude as his charity, then I vote for him.

Grandma J said...

No one on that show is a celebrity so I opted out of watching it. I love the Amazing Race and I hope the father/daughter team or the grandson/grandfather team win.

I'm also over the moon about Big Brother 9 starting in Feb. Thank God for writers' strikes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kim I to am addicted to the show and most all of the reality shows to boot. I rarely miss one (now that we have TIVO). I could not stand Omarossa before and still can not. Obviously the Donald see's something in her (I guess its ratings) But go figure what does Melania see in him $$$$
I have actually seen him in person many times and he is in person as ugly as he is on the tv. Money has a strange way of changing womens eye sight.
Yes, he has gone to the depths to get some of these people, ones that can't have much going on at this point. Look what's its now done for some of the dancing with stars old timers.
I guess if there are people like us that love to watch then they will keep making um. (For my fix it is a good thing)
I also watch amazing race,suvivor, and yes big brother. My husband draws the line and won't watch big brother.
I watched a few of the Gene Simmons family reality series and when he got tons of plastic surgery on tv I had hopes for him. All it did was make him a pompous not as ugly has been who has tons of money and yes, a somewhat cute wife.
I hoped it was him as much as I would not have missed Omorrrron.
Ok, so that's my story and I am sticking to it.
p.s. Any word on little one's tests.
p.s. I never got the feet print in Maui? now I am home.

Anonymous said...

Grandma J, I am looking forward to the new series starting to.
Hope life in Texas is going well.
(we may someday retire there part of the time)