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Monday, January 28, 2008

and now look at this!

I open up my email box today to find my regularly scheduled, "Baby Center" email. Each week they send updates about child development, partenting info, etc. etc. It's not that Im interested much, I actually signed up when I was pregnant, because I loved getting the, "how is your baby growing" updates, complete with pictures and facts about fetal development. And now, the emails keep coming, telling me about my growing child.

So today, I got the "18 months, week 1" newsletter, and here is how it started:

Hello, Kim!

One tangible sign that your child has left babyhood behind is that she's beginning to be able to hold in urine or bowel movements. Starting about now, keep a potty seat around so your child can gradually get used to the idea of using it. Don't push it, though — while some toddlers may be showing signs that they're ready to try, many others won't be ready until they're 24 months old or even older.

Are they kidding? Potty seat? I SO dread the stage where they want to be rewarded with big kid pants, but dont have the consistancy to go in the toilet...I mean, I dread it soooo much, that I really just would like to postpone the toilet training stuff (ie. potty seats, portapotties for the car, etc.) and keep them in diapers for a long while, like, until they are writing in cursive. (The scenario of being at Target with one that cant hold it is all I need to put the brakes on potty training.)

With the exception of the, "Potty Nazi" (good one Karen!), aka. "Grandma J"....who starts having their kids use a potty seat at 18 months?

Actually, maybe some of you do/did, and maybe this will cause some of you to come out of "lurkdom"...hmmmmm.....

In any case, Im gonna let my 18 month old be an 18 month old, we'll move to the potty when she starts wanting to use it, without being enticed by potty seat with Dora on it.


Anonymous said...

Now Kim, don't bash Grandma J. I have been enjoying your blog after lurking for a couple of years on Andrew's site. I am so happy he is doing so well now. After all you have been through I am sure that potty training was the least of your worries with Beauty (very fitting name BTW). My kids both wore disposable diapers and I am such a clean freak that I changed them so frequently i am not even sure they knew what "wet" felt like and they were both potty trained early. My son was a year and my daughter was 14 months. Some kids just move forward more quickly than others in different areas. I never forced the issue and like Grandma J I am not a "potty NAZI"! LOL. You must have the patience of a saint to ruin your whole summer and clean poop out of rugs to avoid tempting little one with cute bug girl panties and a pretty potty seat.

Grandma J said...

I feel so vindicated...thank you anonymous.
Also a Happy Birthday shout-out to gorgeous FIVE year old granddaughter who is definitely potty trained and too sophisticated for a Dora potty seat.

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

...out of lurking....daughter #1 at 18 months in the day and 20 months at night....daughter #2 18 months and forever had to wake her up before I went to bed to use the bathroom since she refused to wear a diaper- and would take it off- because her big sister did not wear one at night....and the BIG Foot was 25 months old...everyone told me boys were harder but he actually enjoyed going outside to "water." I had a potty chair that stayed put in the bathroom so the kids were used to it...I would tell them, "whe you get big you will use this potty." They would sit on it for the heck of it before they actually used it just to pretend.

We all do our own thing....and what is right for us...and we all have our own techniques and bribes...but it is gross when I get a K who comes in Pull Ups.

BOSSY said...

Bossy remembers that there's a little window of opportunity with potty training, and then if not taken advantage of it becomes This Thing. Of course don't ask Bossy to describe the timing or anything else, because Bossy let the Window of Opportunity slam on her fingers. Twice.