The Chocolate Lady

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Feeling so darned abandoned, again.

Well, as the deafening sound of crickets implies, there has been no news from Miss Rachel.

I guess I should be concerned, as perhaps her poor health took a turn for the worse and she is unable to contact me...fat chance! The truth, more likely, is that the letter I sent tipped off the internet scammers, and they have deleted me from their list of people to try to rob. Perhaps my request for a photo was not subtle enough, Im just kicking myself for not working up to that request, maybe a couple emails of sympathy and a sincere desire to help would have worked my hook in a little deeper, before, BAM, asking for a picture.

So, now here I sit, totally bored, with nothing to do, except for try to tackle the laundry monster that is overtaking the upstairs portion of my house, and I dont want to do THAT. Or, I could always clean a toilet or something, but...Id rather sit here and feel bored.

Ill let you know if I do hear from her, and in the meantime, Ill just sit here staring at the carpet, counting little things that could be vaccuumed, if someone were to vaccuum.


Grandma J said...

I think maybe your spiritual image of her bald head stumped her. Maybe you should have given her more wiggle room as far as the image that came to you via God.
She is probably scrambling for a good picture to match the divine image you are expecting.

Anonymous said...

You should write to check on our dear friend. Something bad may have happened to her and we definitely want to get that money to help the children before she passes on. :)

kim-d said...

This brought me out of lurkerdom, after I almost spit coffee all over my computer! I followed the links and read all about poor little Orphan Sandy, and then on to the Good Widow Rachel. Oh.My.Gosh. I love your responses; I've laughed all the way through them. I, too, think the bald head image that was sent to you through Divine Intervention may have been the stumper for "her." I also think it would be kind of funny for YOU to stalk HER for a while, keep writing and bugging HER for a change. HAHAHA! Or maybe I should go do some of my laundry???? Apparently, I have too much time on my hands! I'm glad I finally took the delurking leap, since I go way back to Caringbridge.

You're too funny, Kim!

The Running Girl said...

So sorry to hear you have been abandoned again! Have a great week.