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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Miss Rachel Responds

It seems as soon as I hit the "send" button, throwing my hat into Miss Rachel's ring, she sent me a response. It came so quickly that it made me wonder about this old, ill woman...does she sit at her computer and type super fast, despite being wearied by the chemotherapy? Did she have so much faith that I would take her up on her request, that she had already typed a response? Or, is she some man in India, who has such a racket going that he is at his computer 24/7 fielding emails from suckers like me?

In any case, here is the email I received.....

Dear Beloved,

I thank you for your prompt response. What I am trying To do is what some wealthy people failed to do before They died and I pray that God will give me the Strength to see that this is completed before I pass On. I have learned a lot since my conversion to Christianity and the illness.

The mistake we wealthy people make is that when God Bless us; we decide to use the money on ourselves Alone, but that's not the wish of God. In every Part of the world, there are the wealthy and the poor; God bless wealthy men with riches for them to do other Things and distribute their wealth to the poor and the Needy; but all they can do with their wealth it so use The money to acquire more money and oppress the poor Instead of helping them.

I must tell you the truth my Friend, if not for my illness and the sudden Conversion, I would not have known the other side of The world. I have been very happy since I grew up because I am Very wealthy but since my illness and conversion, I Realized that much people need this money more than I Do; that my mission to the world is to assist those That do not have, that's why God bless me! Although, I Have done the little I could, but at this point, I can Not go any further due to my illness which is really, Really getting bad.

Why I am saying all this is to Tell you that, money is not everything; money can not Buy life. I would want you to reconfirm this information to me so We can proceed on the next step that would enable you To take possession of the funds in UK.

1. Your Full name
2. Your Full Address
3. Your direct Phone number/Cell Phone number
4. Your Occupation
5. Age
6. Marital Status

I shall be waiting for your urgent response.

Stay blessed,
Mrs. Rachel Saleh.

talk about tugging at my heart strings!! Really though, I have to wonder about the type of person that could speak about such serious things, while all the while knowing it was just to scam someone! So, in the spirit of "right back atcha" is my letter back to her............

...first, let me just say, that I realize she is just frothing at the bit for my personal info, but, you know me, gotta get some pictures, make her jump through some hoops....see how much she really wants this..............

Dearest Rachel,

My heart has been turned towards prayers for you, ever since I received your letter. I am thankful that God has made such wonderful changes in your heart, and that you have a desire to share His blessings with others.

When I was praying today, God gave me an image of you, I know it was you. You were very sick, and your head was bald from the chemotherapy. But the smile on your face radiated the joy of the Lord. I felt in my prayer that God would have me see you, to confirm that this is a mission to do His work. If you could please send me a picture of yourself, I know it will assure me that God wants me to help you with this noble task.

With many prayers,

Ill let you all know when I hear back, and cant WAIT to see the pictures of my "beloved"......

and, by the way, I feel like Wolf Blitzer, totally trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing with my online poll for Obama-ites and Clintonistas sure have a way of keeping us all on the edge of our chair in a very narrow race!


Anonymous said...

YES! I can't wait to see how she/he responds!!! :)

Grandma J said...

Does Rachel say what country she is in/from? I definitely need to see her picture.

jumpinginpuddles said...

ok now im payng attention thats too wierd not to