The Chocolate Lady

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

the crazy things that occupy my time

When Im not thinking about taking up drinking, Im pretty busy, with things like; fishing poop out of bath tubs, making a princess cake for a birthday party, making "penguin" cupcakes for a "classroom" party, and making coffee cake for another child - who was "star of the week", or obsessing over my child's "song" - a song he wrote by himself, which is actually very good and impressive, if it werent titled, "The thirst for blood", (now you see why Im obsessing? wondering if this is regular "boy stuff" or left over fascination from his life as a medical guinea pig (with blood as a central topic) or accepting that I'm raising a future homocidal maniac), taking kids to the doctor, only to find out that the kid with the horrible cough is "fine" and the kid with the ear ache (who, otherwise seems fine) actually has pneumonia, planning and giving a "doll party" - complete with 'pin the bow on the doll', making photo collages for 2 kids, doing laundry - enough to keep kids in matching, clean clothes, washing my hair when it gets so greasy that it looks like I have gel in it, did I mention fishing poop out of the bathtub?

Anyways, busy here.

And then, if I werent questioning my mothering skills enough, I read this And, while I dont have AIDS, I DO chew my kids food up when they are babies.....and this report mentions that this "practice" is unusual and is only seen in poor, underdeveloped countries.

Just because my kids poop any time their rear ends hit warm water, and my laundry has become a science fiction monster, and my son is writting songs about wearwolves, doesnt mean that I engage in unusual behaviors re: feeding my kids. I just happen to feed my kids FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, ie. not canned baby food (although there is nothing wrong with that at all....) and rather than boil or mash or puree everything, sometimes, it's just easier to put a handful of carrots in your mouth and chew them, and then give them to your baby (who is new to solids)....that's all...not such a bizarre concept, I think.

BTW, Ive been given strict instructions to have the "thirst for blood" song handed over to an agent, so that a video can be made and put on, and nobody is allowed to hear or see the song, without paying for it, so, get your checkbooks ready.


Grandma J said...

Ummm...can you guess what EVERYONE is getting you for your birthday? No, not jewelry or a wii, or new car. No, not even anything as practical as a new laptop.

It's a blender.

Actually I'm extremely thankful that you aren't a bird because birds feed their young regurgitating food.

Have Pooper call me so I can review his new song, "The Thirst For Blood. I will tell him I know people. He still thinks I am magic, doesn't he?

Veronica said...

LOL I LOVE YOUR BLOG....i am a friend of Cortney Smiths and I forund your blog through hers. I literally laugh out loud. I LOVE your family. Get some stay busy.

Cortney said...

You really do make me laugh out loud too. I think the people at work think I'm a weirdo when I'm reading your blog! We are going to need a Youtube debut of Pooper's song!