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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where have you been?

Ok, I admit, I have slipped out of bloggerville.... I have been busy doing my chocolate stuff, blah blah blah....and you dont even have to hear about it here, because I have a new blog JUST FOR CHOCOLATE, where I share my recipes, entertaining ideas, and more. You can visit it at or just click here.

But goes on, and there is just so much fun stuff that I have missed out on telling you.

The kiddos have all been fantastic...

Pooper just won 1st place in his speech meet competition, and will go on to the regionals. He also is pretty enthraled with his Nintendo DS and all things Pokemon. In fact, Pooper, recognizing the need in the world for tips on how to play Pokemon on Nintendo, wanted to create his own blog... Check it out!

Beauty is her same sweet self, going through her day with joy and obedience. She is excited to go camping soon, with her Y Indian Princess tribe (father-daughter thing)...her Indian Princess name is Little Dancing Dolphin, and she and Big Laughing Shark (My Honey) will be in the San Diego area for an upcoming weekend, probably learning Pow-wow songs and stuff.

Little One is two, and I mean, she is living and breathing the twos and all things terrible that it brings; independence, resistance, insistance, refusal-to-sleep-and-then-crabby-due-to-being-tired.... but I must say, while she exudes the 2's more than my other kids ever did, she is also incredibly adorable....and honestly, I thank God for her confidence and independence, even if it's driving me crazy now.

So, that's how Ive been spending my time....what about you???


Grandma J said...

I love your chocolate blog!

I wish you could put pooper's speech on his blog. I know some Pokemon players who have tried to leave comments on his blog, but it doesn't accept comments from people without a his cousins and Aunt Kristine, and some other pokemon enthusiasts.

I'm so glad Beauty finally gets her camping trip. The last one, while I was there was canceled due to bad weather.

Little One is the smartest one yet!! And the leader of the pact in her own mind.

Mom on the Run said...

No need to apologize. Life happens! I have you on my when you update I click over here. Your son sounds like a character and also an entrepreneur.

Anonymous said...

Good update. Pooper's blog is really cute. He's so serious. I think we need to see Beauty in her Indian Princess uniform. I'm sure she styles it up! That Little One - she'll be through it soon! Hang in there!