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Friday, March 20, 2009

we're breaking up

You know, sometimes you think you know someone, you think you can trust them...not just "trust them" with a confidence, but that you know what they are about and that you can trust their character, their judgment. And then, there are those times, you realize, you were totally wrong, and you have quite an emotional toll to pay for it.

And, Ill just say this, it's never easy breaking up. Even when you know someone is no good, you want to hold on to what was, and what could be.... Forcing yourself to walk away is often the best plan, but the hardest to do.

But now I have kids involved, and for their sake, Im going to do whats right.

So, it's official, we are D.O.N.E. with this guy!

In case the mussed up hair is making it hard to see....or if your brain just cant register the image of this guy in this provocative pose, let me's Zac Efron. Zac as in, "Troy Bolton" the guy my daughter swoons over.....the High School Musical stud that brought us great music, and a lot of fun.

He's on the beach, rolling in the sand, with a NAKED GIRL (and no, it's not his other naked girfriend, Vanessa....and, on a side note, we "forgave" Vanessa for her photo-episode, but this was planned and purposeful on Zac's, no grace!)

And, I realize this picture is only of their sand covered, faces, but go ahead and google it, the real pic shows the girls BARE BOTTOM and she is topless!!

So, now that Beauty loves this guy, this "wholesome" guy, he goes and does this. I could see if eventualllly, the fame wagon took him down this road, but this was a sudden jump into the abyss. Zac commented in the accompanying article, that he wants to start taking some riskier moves. Super!

The sad part, is Beauty just saw a billboard for an upcoming Zac Efron movie, and is excited for it's, there is no way we are going. She's young, but Im gonna teach her now, to learn to walk away.

If next week we see some article, where he is crawling back to his teeny-bopper fans, with, "Im so sorry" and "I made a bad choice"...we arent gonna fall for it. We are totally walking away from this guy, lesson learned.


Kara Maher said...

I say good for you!I would do the same thing.My nine year old isnt really into High School Musical we did see the last one because she was invited to the showing for a Birthday party.It drove me NUTS sitting through it!

Grandma J said...

If Zac wants to make riskier moves maybe he should swim with sharks or go white water rafting. How come when the say that it always means getting naked and having sex?

Beauty still has Joe Jonas. He's still wearing his purity ring.

Anonymous said...

your daughter is in kindergarten and watches "High School" Movies - you realize that there is quite an age difference. And you are saying that your daughter is using google to see pics of that Zac person?
Maybe your daughter should watch age appropriate movies.

heartshapedhedges said...

The greatest thing about "anonymous" people...besides their complete inability to stand behind what they say, is when they arent actually anonymous at all.

News meter pretty much lets me know who is on here, at what time, and since your "anonymous" post was time stamped..matching your visit, much for hiding behind the mask of anonymity.

As we all know...."High School Musical" is not watched by high schoolers, it is geared towards the elementary school crowd. Yes, my two oldest kids both enjoy it.

And, no, my daughter doesnt go searching through internet photos, she doesnt even go on the internet.

However, some of us, who have in, things that matter enough to stand up for them (and not hide)....will not continue to put money in the coffers (via seeing their movies) of someone that chooses to do nude photos (even if our children dont see them.) It's just a point of integrity.

Sofia said...

Why were you offended by that comment so much?... I enjoy reading your blog, but that person's comment was quite normal, Wow, I don't see why you had to respond like that. It's just a different opinion.
Anyway... When I was your daughter's age my mom says we as a family watched Beverly Hills 90210, and I really think it's perfectly normal of someone your daughter's age to be interested in characters that are not exclusively her age group, I actually thinks it shows that she is an intelligent and mature kid. I am very surprised however you let your kids watch the current Disney crap to be honest. There are shows and movies that would be better for her and that she would enjoy a lot more that are of MUCH better quality.


heartshapedhedges said...

Such a trickster...let's use a new IP address to write a new comment.

And, thank you Sophia/anonymous for the parenting advice. And um, yes my daughter sits around only watching Disney.

Actually, my daughter doesnt typically watch tv, maybe one show on the weekends, but she did go see the HSM movie, sorry you dont approve...or do you...?? such mixed messages. time, if you still feel cowardly, and dont want to post your name, just know that my ability to ID posters exceeds your capacity to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That was some good reading and the comments/responses were entertaining. Question? What will you say is the reason you will not be supporting/watching Zack? Do you tell them about him being naked? ALso, just curious what was the naked picture for and how you came about it. Whenever something is off limits most kids seemed to be drawn to that, at least mine do. I love your writing style, you always make me laugh.

heartshapedhedges said...

hello anonymous (#2),

The front page of one of the news websites had the article and pic about worries as my daughter doesnt go online, or read the, she wont know a thing. She wont notice my 'boycott' either...she'll probably ask to see the movie when it comes out (and she hears ads for it)...but since we dont go to the movies often, we'll just not see it, and she wont notice too much. The good thing about her young age, and the fact she rarely watches tv, is she doesnt always know what's going on in the media :) As her mom, Ill just continue to guide what she watches (and take Zach out of the equation.)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous and/or Sophia-
Not sure what the first comment was about.... You must not be a parent of grade schoolers. HSM, as we fans call it, was originally a Disney Channel Movie. I think they put out a new movie four or five times year, maybe. Anywho, whenever a new movie is coming out, it starts getting advertised about six - eight weeks prior to airing. EVERY Disney Channel Movie is a big deal to those that watch Disney. Back to the point. Don't write on a blog and criticize when you have no idea what you are talking about! And 90210 is not appropriate for school age children- shame on your parents for turning it into a family show!
Mother of boys that love:
HSM, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers and iCarly