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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mini Me

Lately, Ive been starting to see a few of these around town;

These mini cars save on gas, reduce pollution, and would help make the world a greener place. And, if there were a way to strap my kids on top, perhaps with a special child-roof rack, it would be much more doable. But as it is, I dont understand how we are to fit a family with 3 children, and their regulation car seats (Im not gonna even mention friends for a play date.) But, let's suppose they work that out....and we can all fit, and it's the perfect car. Is it really the best idea to get a car like this, when so many of the other cars look like this;

And this:

It seems to me, that we cant all be on the same roads at one time, it's just not safe. It seems the auto industry needs to come to some sort of agreement re: cars and sizes and such, so that we can all drive safely together. We should either all be mini-ish, or not, but this mixed bag is scaring me.


Grandma J said...

Here's what I don't understand.

The Administration and Congress insist that the auto industry get on the fast track to electric cars.

Then with all this carbon caps coming down the pipe, we will be penalized if we use what's deemed as too much electricity. In fact I read that they may only allot us so many killowats and then we get penalized.

Now, say we have an electric does this fit in with all the hoopla about the energy grids and such.

those small cars look sl dangerous.

Jason, as himself said...

It looks like you're back! For so long, there wasn't much going on here, and I thought you were done...

But I'm happy to see this and the other posts. I have had these same thoughts about small cars vs. the big ones. I get so mad when I'm trying to make right turn but I can't see because the SUV next to me is so freaking huge I can't see around it. So I edge out slowly, slowly, slowy, and BAM! I get sideswiped, and my car is totaled.

In my nightmares.

dgm said...

How many carseats fit in those little tin cans?

javieth said...

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