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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What was she thinking?

Well Hello,

Long time no chat. I dont know if I could have ever really called this "chatting"...but, *I'M*

As you probably know, because Ive rambled on about it before, I went to the Mars Chocolate School a couple weeks ago, and let's just say, it was AMAZING. My kids squeeled when I told them there were free candy bars just lying around all over the place (true!).

I earned the trip as part of my new Dove business, Im an independent Chocolatier, and I was rewarded for my sales and team building. Dove treated me like a queen....there were 14 of us that earned the trip, and at every turn we were being given lavish gifts, taken to fancy restaurants, and the entire time we had private rooms in a swanky hotel.

But now, Ive returned to life, and life it is.

This past weekend, there has been a creepy predator in our neighborhood. He approached Pooper and his friends on Sat. evening, and on Sunday at noon he was back and tried to abduct one of the boys (Pooper was not there on Sun.) Apparently there have been other instances this past week, same our normally tranquil community has been swarming with dozens of Sheriff's deputies going door to door asking questions, and news crews have been camped out giving "live reports".

While Im glad to have the news coverage (better opportunity to catch the jerk)...Ive never understood why a TV crew would brave the LA traffic and drive all the way here (2 hours away), just to have our street in the backdrop. Is the story any different if they just report it from behind the news desk? Is it worth the gas and man power to have actual homes in the scene? Such a mystery.

Another mystery, the one that prompted my writing today, is why anyone would do THIS

And before you think this is some tribal custom...the woman is Brazillian and lives in Scotland, she's not "tribal" AND, she's a nurse, like, WHOA! Imagine waking up from a coma to see her face!

I saw the article in the news, and I just cringed. My kids already know that tattoos and piercings wont be allowed in my home (at 16 the girls can get each ear single pierced) me too strict, call me Duggar-ish, I dont care, it's how we roll. I cant imagine anyone enduring that much physical pain, or wanting to endure the stares and judgement (because, obviously they would get it.) What makes a person want to be considered a weird-o?

Then there is the other extreme, the plastic-barbie-I-look-perfect facade that is trademark for some folks, going so out of their way to be accepted.

(speaking of the barbie-bimbo types, did anyone see the Real Housewives of the OC last night? I dont know what is worse, having a creepy predator or an OC housewife in my neighborhood!!!)

In any is strange, and it continues on...............


Grandma J said...

Dang! I was all excited hoping you would post the video from CBS news interviewing you as were still wiping the sleep from your eyes! Now they just may be in contention for an Emmy for that. Those news people are such ego whores.

I don't watch those housewife shows, but you'd think they'd be enough to scare off the child predator. Get Pooper a cell phone.

Mom on the Run said...

Scary stuff. So sorry this is happening in your neighborhood. We had an attempted abduction of a 6th grader nearby. The guy rolled down his window and asked the boy about a lost puppy. The boy ran home. Too scary!

queenofphrump said...

Too true! News crews are like parasitic vultures.

The lady in the picture made me jump when it came up on my screen. Thanks for the jolt.

Veronica said...

lol Duggar-ish lololol