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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I wouldnt expect anything else

You know, it seems that some things are just expected. Like, when my kids were set up to have their annual professional pics taken, and they got lice the week prior. It really wasnt a surprise, that something would happen to make things less than perfect.

I mean, the fact that I slathered their heads full of vaseline (to kill the lice) and then had to wash it several hundred times, on top of covering their strands with corn starch (to soak up the vaseline and make it easier - supposedly - to get the vaseline out)...that was sort of the norm, in a special sort of way. Why in the world should their hair just look normal for their pics? Why shouldnt I have to be frantic and work at it?

So, being as we have "family portraits" scheduled, family as in, even mom and dad (which hasnt been done EVER), it would be too unusual for us to just all look our best, really.

It started this morning, when Pooper came to me, realizing it was St. Baldricks (a pediatric cancer fundraising event, that takes place on St. Patricks Day, where people are sponsored to shave their heads) and told me he wanted to go to a St. Baldricks event and have his head shaved. He even had brought a handful of money to donate.

Well, how do I say, "No" ??? Normally, I could care less if he is bald....we got over that a long time ago. But, pictures are coming up. But, this is for pediatric cancer research....thankfully, the event was for such a narrow window of time (not all day) and it conflicted with swim team. He cried, I stood my ground, family pictures saved.

That was until my perfect child (and by perfect I mean so gosh darn well behaved that it frightens me) came upstairs to have her hair done. And, how odd it was, that the front of her hair didnt seem long enough to reach into the pony tail. Considering her hair is all one length, and pretty long at that, it was odd. And then, those spikey hairs by her forehead, was that new hair growth? a fresh batch of "baby hair" it's become quite crystal clear, Beauty has cut her freakin' bangs! Of course! We are having family pictures in a couple weeks, I wouldnt expect anything else!


Grandma J said...

Oh, I can't wait to see Beauty with bangs!

You know, family pictures aside, I thing Pooper wanting to have his head shaved at St. Baldricks is something even his mom can't fully comprehend because he's the one who walked through those trenches. The picture would be testimony to his dedication to a cause.

If I could find one here, I would do it too. Afterall Miss Virginia got permission from the Miss America Pageant to get her head shaved at St. Baldricks!

heartshapedhedges said...

Ok Grandma, Game On.....shave your head...Im waiting :)'s not as if Beauty has "bangs"...she has a patch that is about 1/4 inch tall, and no doubt, by picture day, it will be the perfect height for sticking up straight, quite noticeably. She also has another patch that his about 3 inches long...too long for "bangs", but too short to blend in with the rest...and it's in the front, to the, hard to hide.

Julianne said...

This is eerily similar... I guess I know what they were busy doing in Sabrina's playroom!