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Sunday, March 16, 2008

With a cherry on top!

Well, the weekend was so much fun, that it seemed a shame for it to all come to an end.....

Tomorrow, Ill need to call the orthopedic doctor, first thing, to get in to have Pooper's cast made. His arm is not very secure in the ace bandage/splint, and with two bones broken in there, it doesnt take much movement to send him shreiking in pain. But, that doesnt seem like *quite* enough excitment, does it? I mean, broken arm - smoken farm, that's just too ordinary. So, to spice things up a bit, Pooper decided to lose the silver crown on his tooth. Not that he actually "decided", as in planned it, it just happened, 'cause that's the kind of kid he is.

So, I called the dentist, to tell him that the crown that was on the "root canal" tooth, has fallen off, and did he think we needed to fix it today, or could we wait a day. He said, "no problem, I can just put it right back on today."

Oh, but wait, we have lost it, most likely, Pooper swallowed it. And while most kids would probably poop it out, my guess, if I were a bettin' woman, is that Pooper's silver crown, will probably snag on his intestines, or something fun like that, just for the heck of it. So, we will make a point of going on a treasure hunt, each time he goes potty, to make sure it is accounted for.

Now the dentist will have to make a new crown. He said if Pooper isnt too uncomfortable, we can do it tomorrow.

Bonus prize for us, Pooper is already loaded up on pain meds, and they will probably cross over and cover his tooth (even though they arent quite taking away the arm pain, at least now, the meds will be good for SOMETHING.) I told him that Im gonna try to get his arm cast done first thing in the morning, and then we will pop on over for the new crown. So, tomorrow should be like having Christmas on the 4th of July.

But wait, something is missing here....I mean, we are a family that needs things to be hopping with drama. It doesnt seem like we have enough going on....hmmmm, how about we fall back on our old stand-by, the vacation home we call the Emergency Room, naaaw! that's old hat.

I know, how about if My Honey and Little One, who were in Atlanta, Georgia, have some plane mishaps, yeah, that should keep us on our toes. Let's just say that when they got to the airport in Atlanta, My Honey noticed that the plane was delayed, and expressed his concerns to the ticket gal;

My Honey: It looks like the plane delay is gonna make me miss our connector in North Carolina.

Customer-service-agent-from-Hades: Oh, dont worry, we value YOU as a customer, and we will make sure you dont miss your connecting flight.

My Honey: But, it's pretty impossible for us to make it, because the flight from here to NC is late, and Im gonna miss the flight, and Im travelling with a ONE YEAR OLD CHILD, so can you please switch me now to another flight, so that I get to Los Angeles TONIGHT?

Customer-service-agent-who-should-be-fired: Oh, but you are customer, so you are KING, I will make sure we hold your connecting flight, so that you and your sweet baby get back home to Los Angeles tonight.

So, My Honey and my baby board the flight from Atlanta to Charlotte, and when they arrive in North Carolina, they are instructed to RUN to their connecting flight, but, silly them, that flight had already left.

So, running, huffing, puffing, all for naught, they are out of luck and STUCK IN NORTH CAROLINA FOR THE NIGHT.

There are no other planes that can get them home tonight.

And, because US Airlines is itching to lose all of their customers and go bankrupt, the customer service agent in North Carolina refuses to give My Honey any kind of compensation. It took climbing the ladder, complaining to the manager's manager, to get them to finally spring for a cheap motel and a $10 food voucher. Whoa!

So, now they are in a roach motel, with no room service, or transporation, or any place to get milk for my Little One. And they will rise and shine early in the morning, so that they can start all over again and pray to get home tomorrow afternoon.

And, I think that might hold us over for a bit, a little bit, until the next fun thing happens in our household.


Grandma J said...

Oh no! Poor Honey and Little One. A nice letter to the airlines might get you a voucher to fly their airlines again.

Good luck to Pooper tomorrow getting his cast and crown. Maybe they will let him pick a cool color for hiscast...hmmmm maybe a matching crown.
Oh, and I started my blog...very no-frills right now. Maybe I should have put an "under construction sign"

The Running Girl said...

When it rains at your house, it pours doesn't it? My gosh, I think your family deserves a little luck of the Irish today. Hope all goes well with Pooper and I hope Honey and Little One make it back safe.

Cortney said...

What a crazy weekend! Hope everything works out - quickly!