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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Paddy Murphy's Law

I cant tell if it's the 'Luck of the Irish' upon us, or just that I'm living out Murphy's Law, but things have not been dull around these parts.

If you've ever wondered some creative ways to put a damper on a good time, here are some ideas for ya:

1. If you and your oldest daughter are at Disney's California Adventure, having the *best time ever* (truly) watching repeat shows of the High School Musical street show, and going on Tower of Terror, and enjoying yourself more than you ever have, even though you have been there 31,806 times, then it would be Murphy's Law, to have said time interrupted with a call from your son's school. The call would be all staticky, because the lack of clarity re: what happened is necessary to increase any worries you might have, but you know he is hurt and to hurry to get him.

2. If your husband and baby ever fly across the country to visit his parents, for a wonderful SURPRISE birthday, because it is both parent's birthday, and the baby is great on the plane, and having a wonderful time with her grandparents, then it would be Murphy's Law, if that town across the country had a record breaking storm, complete with tornadoes that suck windows and furniture out of high rise buildings and softball sized hail, because, nothing says, "I miss my baby" quite like having her across the country in harms way. And, Happy Birthday to the grandparents!

3. If you have ever tried all year to do something, like, skip a bar on the monkey bars at school, and you finally do it, it would be Murphy's Law, that when you finally achieve this feat, that you fall and break two bones in your arm. And, make sure it's on the weekend that your dad and sister are on a vacation, and your mom has promised to take you to the community Spring carnival (games, bounce houses, and other things boys with broken arms cant do), and also, you have a Little League game.

4. If your husband and baby go away for the weekend, and you are excited to do some fun, non-baby stuff with your big kids, it would be Murphy's Law that one of your big kids breaks his arm, so that all of your plans are pretty much squashed, oh, and your baby and husband are in the midst of tornadoes, just to make sure your fun-time mood is thoroughly dampened.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Anonymous said...

Well, doesn't that all pretty much suck?! I guess when it rains it pours. You have such a funny way of detailing everything, that even though I feel badly for you, I'm laughing too!

I'll pray for your Honey and Little One for a safe return from Atlanta, and for the rest of you to have some painfree fun.

Karen B.

Grandma J said...

Yep, makes you want to say, "I could have had a V-8".

Anonymous said...



noble pig said...

Wow, that's just all a bummer!!!