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Thursday, March 27, 2008

so much to say.....

Sorry for the long delay,

I had started to write a little series on visits to the Easter Bunny to get our picture taken, but ran into a problem sizing this years photo. And trust me, I need to post this years photo for you to get the gist of things.

In the meantime, so much going on here, not the least of which is the fact that Pooper lost the key to my car, and the hunt includes having the car alarm go off, over and over again, without being able to turn it off.

And, speaking of cars, about an hour ago, I BARELY TAPPED a car as I was backing out of a parking spot (driving My Honey's car, since, I cant find my key), going a whopping 3.2 miles per hour. There were no marks or scratches on either car, but rather than be a "hit and runner" I went and looked for the owner, to say, "I backed into your car, but I wanted you to see there are no marks."..and instead of being met with any sense of sanity, the 19 year old lexus (or was it an infinity or bmw??) owner (I think mom co-signed) absolutely went nutzo, with lots of drama and cussing..she even had the nerve to ask me, "Do you even know how much this car cost??" I all but called the cops for my own protection...but Ill leave that story (along with the Easter Bunny photo saga) to be done after I get a nights rest.

And, oh, tomorrow will be day 3 without a car key, so you know there will be something to blog about there too.


Grandma J said...

The car dealership can give you a fancy shmancy key and maybe your car insurance will cover it under roadside service.
Is it really hit and run if there is no damage? good luck and thank God this girl wasn't in the car...major neck injuries would be an added headache.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the car key. The dealer can make you a new key using the VIN, or there should be a "key code" with your owner's manual that the dealer can use to make a new key and program a new remote. Be warned though, that remotes are expensive! I had to get a new key and remote for my Honda Odyssey and it was about $250 total for the key, remote and programming.