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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is it just me?

Something has been on my mind lately. It's one of those odd things that I keep mulling over in my mind, wondering the answers to a quizzical situation, and, well, Im just wondering if Im alone.

Im a news junkie, you already know that. So, Ive read, ad nauseum, about Spitzer's affair, about Obama's pastor, the housing market, all of it. It's interesting the first time around, maybe even the first few times, but then I move on.

But one news story has stuck in my brain like a dead rat behind a stove, and I havent been able to move on. I think there are a few things that are still unclear to me, that I need to have answered, before I can put this news story behind me.

It has to do with that lady that sat on the toilet seat for two years. Did you read about her? She sat on the toilet seat, and fter awhile she began to get sores, and then those sores healed or grew or SOMETHING, and adhered to the toilet seat. When her boyfriend finally called 911, TWO YEARS LATER, to say, "hey, somethings wrong with my girlfriend, she wont/cant get off the toilet" the rescue crew arrived, and they couldnt get her off the toilet either, so they BROKE THE TOILET SEAT OFF THE TOILET, and took her to the hospital with the SEAT STILL ATTACHED TO HER REAR and then the ER doctors PRIED THE SEAT OFF HER.

Um, my head hurts when I try to process this. The progression of events is not being accepted into my brain. Im not understanding a few things, and I need some clarity before I can move on to the next odd news story.

First of all, what prompted her to go to the toilet? Was she just going potty, or was she mad at her boyfriend and in a fit of tantrum, went and sat on the toilet? My neural transmiters NEED to know this before they can start trying to understand what happened.

If she was just going potty, then what happened? Why couldnt she get up? Was she, like, constipated, and sat there for hours? or, what???

If she was having a tantrum, maybe she was just refusing to come out of the bathroom because she didnt want to talk to her boyfriend, and 15 minutes turned into a few hours and maybe he said mean things through the bathroom door, and so, she stayed a while. But, it's important to know, how they heck did this weird situation get started??

And then, there is the issue with the sores. I know it's gross, but I need to understand this. Did she already have sores? Did the sores come about because she sat there for so long that her skin got sore? How long before she got the sores?

The reason the sores matter, is because, apparently, it was the eventual skin growing over the sores that caused her to get stuck, I THINK?????

Let's back track...when did it come to be, that she couldnt get up? Did she ever try to get up? When? Was she refusing to get up or she couldnt get up? That's important to know.

And, how long had she been there before he skin started GROWING AND ATTACHING to the toilet seat?

I almost need a picture of this, I know, it's disgusting to even read about. In fact, if you are still reading, you are either gagging, and/or a true news junkie like myself.

We news junkies dont shy away from the disturbing things in life, we are drawn to them. Like pre-teen girls to Hannah Montanah, we are drawn to those things that display the bizarre of humanity.

Back to this gal, I think If I could see a picture, it would help. Was she really obese, and her rear is actually stuck in the seat? or, is it like the news seems to explain, that her skin had grown on/over the toilet seat itself? I think if I could see a picture of this, a lot *might* be cleared up for me.

To make matters even more complicated, her boyfriend is now being charged with some sort of abuse, because he didnt help her sooner.

That in itself raises a whole host of new ponderings; at what point did his lack of intervention become abuse? did he try to get her off of the seat? I mean, if the firemen couldnt get her off, and they doctors had to use a crow bar or something, what did we expect this guy to do, and when? And, maybe instead of getting in trouble, he should get a reward. I mean, I dont know too many boyfriends that would stick around with a girl on a toilet for two years, especially when her skin had grown onto the seat...Im just guessing, but that might be a "deal breaker" for a lot of guys.

Did he go in and talk to her each day? Was he nice? What did they talk about? Did he bring her meals? Did they play checkers or backgammon? Did he put a tv in there for her? Did he bring her a toothbrush so that she could have fresh breath, even though her backside was stuck to the toilet? Did she flush the toilet so the water wouldnt go stale? Did she keep going potty? How many rolls of toilet paper did she use?

Really, the questions could go on forever, and I know I will never get them all answered, and that's ok, but, I really do need to just have a tad more information, so that I can get some sort of understanding on this odd scenario, enough to file it away in my minds "weird news" filing cabinet.

Anyone else with me on this? Anyone else left wondering what in the world happened here?


Anonymous said...

Hah! You took the words right out of my mouth. It's like they only told us part of the story. And, I agree, they should give this guy a medal...not arrest him for crying out loud! Why didn't she just stand up and come out?? If you hear anything, let me know, kay?


Lisa L said...

Hi - I think she had a phobia about leaving the bathroom. From what I understood she did get up and move around, but that must have ceased at some point for her to have become attached physically to the seat. I think the boyfriend must have had some heavy duty 'issues' himself to even tolerate the odd (understatement) situation. I don't think he should be charged. But she definitely needs some intensive psychotherapy.

Grandma J said...

All that happened in a single wide trailer? Who would have thought?

I too,hate it when we don't know the ending...and all the missing links. I mean was she really in there on Christmas?

Anonymous said...

I saw this article a few days ago and I just stopped reading it. NONSENSE!!! How did she eat? I read the the boyfriend asked her everyday if she wanted to get up and her response was "maybe tomorrow". I find this entire story hard to believe. NUTZ

Anonymous said...

There was an episode of Nip/Tuck that was a lot like that and the lady got fused to her couch because she stayed there so long. The skin gets gangreen and the fibers in the couch / toilet seat begin to fuse with the open sores that are created from not moving. You should see the episode because then you could completely picture the toilet lady's situation. Here's a recap of it but you'd have to see it be truly disturbed by this toilet situation.

Anonymous said...

The lady on Nip/Tuck said she'd get up "tomorrow too!"

Mum said...

Hi ~ I have been reading and enjoying your blog for quite a while now and thought it high time I left a message.

Re the lady on the toilet ... At first I thought "what an unbelievably crazy old loon" then as I pondered it started to make sense. I confess to have locked myself in there from time to time, so nice and peaceful, always a shame to step out and back to reality. :)

Take care and keep up the good work,

KathyLikesPink said...

Have to say I have been pondering the same things. The article I read said that even though she didn't get up or come out of the bathroom, the boyfriend brought her food and things went on "like normal". He said that. "Like normal".

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

...there was an entire talk show on the radio about this last night...and a lot of wondering on if the boyfriend could be held accountable if she did not want to leave the bathroom...I just can't comprehend any of it...but it sure makes me seem sane :)

Dayna said...

This is totally off subject - I came you your blog from your Mom's - because Hallie wrote about her making the peep people - Hallie is my son C's penpals mama - which I know is round about - but Hallie has become one of my friends - and well, I used to follow Andrew on his caringbridge site - and I know this is random, but my C is 7 years old and has a pi disease - so he goes to ucla (with his brother and sister ages 4 & 5) and gets IVIG every 2 weeks. I know - this might sound random - but I lost Andrew's site when I had a computer problem - so it's so nice to find your site again.

I'm going to catch up and see how you all have been doing.

Young Creations said...

I read that article as well. I was amazed. Then I was sad. My mother has a fear of leaving the house. She won't come out very often. She says that it is a chore to go to the bank, market, etc. It is so sad because she misses so much. The mind is a powerful organ. It can really mess up people's life.
I love your writing style. You are funny, sincere and real.

Thanks for a good one.

Leeann said...

Ugh. I could have happily lived my whole life without knowing that story. I clearly must not be a news junkie. ;-)

Did you ever hear back from the owner of the mountain cabin?


The Running Girl said...

I haven't seen this story, but after reading it here - yeah, how on earth did that happen? Very strange. When you find the answers, please post :)

Shauna said...

I, too, wondered at this story. From what I understand, though, both the boyfriend and the girl are both mentally delayed and therefore not functioning on the mental or emotional level of a normal adult. And the girl had had some abuses as a child that had caused the fear of coming out of the bathroom. Sad, sad story.

The Dorsey Boys said...

So if she was stuck on the toilet, how was he her boyfriend? It sounds like he was more of a roommate... anywho it is so bizarre! I get worried about the husband if he's in there for more than a half hour- I know that seems long, but dad used to come home from work and then we didn't see him for a while and then thought maybe he didn't come home but his car was always in the driveway and then we realize he was doing crosswords or something while on the john. I know, that baffles me too because I don't want to stay in the bathroom longer than necesary, but the male species find it relaxing. Oh and I HATE public restrooms; it is only used in emergency. Thank God for boys, I make mine go behind a tree instead of a public restroom and outhouses. And you don't want to get me started on the outhouse thing... So for all my sibs who have daughters and leave them with me, we do the go behind the tree thing in the Dorsey House!
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