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Monday, September 17, 2007

Video killed the radio star

Last week, my kids discovered something comparable to an all-the-ice-cream-you-can-eat buffet. They realized that you can play Radio Disney on our cable TV. That's right, you can listen to Hannah M. and the HSM Gang all the time, IN THE HOUSE.

You see, up until now, my kids only get to hear Radio Disney in the car, when their dad drives. Their dad is nice, and will play any kid DVD, CD or radio station, all they need to do is ask. Actually, they probably dont even have to ask, he probably offers. Their mom, on the other hand, feels very strongly, that the driver must thoroughly enjoy the music pulsing through the speakers, and as much as she might like to let the kids listen to THEIR music, it would, quite honestly, be a safety hazard, because to drive the car while being annoyed can be a dangerous situation.

Somehow recently, while stumbling through the cable channels on TV, Pooper spotted Radio Disney. That's channel 940. Im not sure what he was doing in the 900's, but he was, call it a special gift from God, but he found it.

Ever since, they have not only been listening to the music, but have been obsessed with requesting songs.

Pooper was probably unfairly set up, as he is used to Radio Lollipop, the in-house radio station at the hospital. He can call up and talk to the DJ any time, request whatever song he wants, heck, he has even been able to go down and help DJ. I dont think he quite gets that a bazillion other kids are trying to call Radio Disney, it's a tad more popular than Radio Lollipop.

But he still tries to call, and he gets Beauty squeeling with excitement as they discuss which song to request, Jonas Brothers or Troy.

They havent quite figured out how to call, hang up and hit redial, but they are fumbling their way around, hoping to get their songs on the air (as if they arent already repeating the same handful of songs over and over.)

The other day, they hit the jackpot on things to obsess about, Radio Disney contests! Yep, that's right, caller number this or that can win tickets to here or there, all you have to do is call! Woo hoo! They ran around, frantically, trying to dial the number, over and over. They were so busy trying to get through in the mornings that they had a hard time getting dressed for school.

The whole thing took me back to the 7th grade, back when I attended my first concert, live and without parents. I wont tell you which concert, but would love to see if someone can guess the right answer! (and yes mom, you can play, cause I dont think you will know the right answer!)

The local radio station was giving away tickets, and I was determined to win them. I remember listening one morning in particular, as I was ironing my, eh hem, light blue satin jacket. And, now that I think about it, are you supposed to iron satin?? Anyways, I was ironing, and they announced it was time to call, so I ran to get the phone, and did my dial, hang up and dial again frenzy (that was before *redial* was invented).

In the end, I didnt get through. I was disappointed, but became even more upset when I returned to find that I had left the iron, face down, on my jacket. My jacket that now had brown dots from where the iron had burned the satin. Crud!

Not only that, but when I arrived to school that day, girls were buzzing around BW. BW didnt typically have a lot of BUZZ around her...she was sort of shy, and had a full neck brace (think Joan Cusack in Sixteen Candles.) But this morning, everyone was her BEST FRIEND, as, you guessed it, she had won the radio contest; 2 tickets to the concert. Just an FYI, she ended up taking her dad, not a "new" friend, but that's beside the point.

Yes, radio contests, a guess they are a part of childhood, but so soon? I was in Jr. High when I dialed in. My kids are only 4 and 6, that just seems way too soon to be hyped up to call in on the radio....but alas, it wont last forever. This special new found joy is not meant to be. Our cable channel announced that tomorrow is the last day that Radio Disney will be broadcast on the TV, so the kids are going to have to stick to listening while riding in the car with dad, phoneless.


Grandma J said...

I don't know how you finagled going to a concert in 7th grade unless it was at church. I have a feeling that isn't it, I think you might have gone to a Fleetwood Mack concert since you played their Rumors cassette over and over in my car on the way to school every day. Yes, just like Doug, I let you take control of the mobil entertainment. Maybe it was Jimmy Hendrix?

Don't you have headsets and seperate controls for the back seat in your van?

I'm still waiting for the picture of the elderly doctor in his pajama bottoms, sitting in the lawn chair drinking merlot.

Just one week and then we PARTAY!!

BOSSY said...

Bossy's 11-year-old daughter is all over that Radio Disney channel like six detectives. She likes to call up the station and record Shout-Outs to her older brother, and then she needs to spend the rest of the day a hostage to the radio signal and the shout-out we never ever never ever hear. Gah.