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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dancing Queen (and King)

One of the purest forms of laughter often comes from watching my children dance.

Pooper loves to just start shaking his rear when he hears a good beat, and sometimes, even when the beat is only playing in his head. Out of nowhere he just breaks out and starts grooving, back side rockin to and fro, doesnt matter who is around. He first learned how to do the "booty dance" from a commercial that aired on tv promoting a local radio station. The DJ, Rick Dees, along with lots of other people, would shake their bottom, for the entire commercial. Andrew loved dancing along, and it's now become a habit.

I couldnt find the actual commercial, but here is a tribute that some fans of the radio station made;

booty dance tribute

And this video is of a little boy, watching the commercial, apparently it is his favorite too;
little guy dancing away

The funniest thing, is to get Beauty dancing. Not long ago, I realized that if I started dancing, she would copy me. So, sometimes in the car, when Im bored, I like to nonchalantly do a few moves, and it never fails, as I spy on her in the rear view mirror, she copies me.

I pretend that I am intensley focused on the road, while I do some big lasso circles with my arms (one arm at a time, of course, I am driving after all.) I shake my hands in the air, to the side, roll my shoulders, I try to be a bit kooky about it. I never let her see that I am looking in the rear view mirror, I have to sneak my peaks. But sure enough, no matter what I do, there she is, following along.

I suggest that those of you with young kids try this, if you havent already, it's really a hoot.

Here is another little thing that took place around here recently, a conversation between My Honey and Beauty, it really gave me a laugh;

My Honey: (as we were driving to church) I had a weird dream last night, and we were all visiting the moon (ok, honestly, I tuned out at this point, cause, how weird is that? but he went on to tell about what we all were doing.....)

Beauty: Oh yeah, I remember that.

My Honey: Beauty, I DREAMED we did that.

Beauty: But Dad, I was there, remember?

She's got a point!


BOSSY said...

Driving while lassoing the air with your arm... The thing that would make that scene complete is if you were taking a photo of the action with your (not so free) hand.

Grandma J said...

I love the new header with the heart shaped rose bushes. How cute!!

I have done the same thing with Beauty in the car and at home. Just make up funky “moves” and pretend not to notice her studying and copying everything.

The same thing works with singing too. We were in the car one day when she started singing "She’ll be Com’n Around the Mountain When She Comes". I chimed in with her and continued with the second verse; "She’ll be riding six white horses when she comes"……then, "We’ll all go out to meet her when she comes".

Then I started making stuff up like "We’ll all have hot cocoa when she comes" and "We’ll have a sleepover when she comes"……..and so on. With each verse I made up she’s say, “Let’s do that one again ok?” I could see she was trying to memorize the verses. The really funny part of it all is Beauty loves to sing, and sing loudly! I say funny because sadly she sings way off key!

Was I on the moon too?

Joanne said...

I think she's smarter than all of you put together!!!!