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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Im for sale

If you glance over the right hand side of the page, you'll notice some ads. That's right, Im pimping out my blog. Im working on finding the best resources for my readers, things of value that might interest you.... and if you click on these, I think I get a quarter. or something like that. It beats tap dancing on the corner.

It's all an experiment, Ill let you know how it goes.

I also added a site counter, and it's been a bit of an encouragement. All along, I thought I had 24 readers, per week. I was basing that on my polls...although this week, only 6 of you answered the question. But you know what, I have a lot more readers, most of them just dont like polls, I guess, especially polls about Iranian dictators. Well, in any case, welcome, Im glad you are here.

The site counter has a great tool, it lists where the readers are doesnt give out any personal info, so I dont know who the readers are, but I know where they are from. Some of them are obvious, for example, Grandma J is in Killeen Texas, so, when it lists Killeen, I got that one figured out. But I have some readers from far, far away......several in Canada, and a few in the UK, as well as one from Australia!! Who knew?

There are also readers all over the USA, from places Ive never heard of, like Ypsilanti, Michigan and Glan Burie, Maryland, which is a wonderful surprise!

Im toying with my next post...there are two that Ive been meaning to write is a consumer warning, but when I read it, I laughed so hard I about peed my pants, and I dont know that my insensitive perspective on it would be welcomed. The other is truly more serious, something I stumbled upon a few weeks ago that has been haunting me....but Im not sure others would be interested, and it's a bit of a downer, althought it COULD bring awareness and help others reach out....Ill keep thinking, so please keep reading.

BTW, did anyone see Top Chef this week? I stayed up to watch, and must have fallen asleep a nano second before the said, "(So and So) pack your knives".....I woke up about 20 minutes into the repeat episode (they play it twice, consecutively here) so, I pinched myself for the next half hour, watching it AGAIN, just to see who got sent home, and apparently, fell asleep again, right before Padma spoke. CRUD. Thank Goodness for the internet, I looked it up, and Brian went home, shame....Im not that thrilled with the remaining options...Trey and Brian were my favorites.

Que sera sera.....


Joanne said...

You know that Casey is going to win!!
What about Dancing with the Stars? The girl they sent home was better than Wayne Newton! I think it's a popularity contest. Anyway, with all the ads...we'll see what happens.

The Running Girl said...

I have a site meter on my blog as well and think it's pretty cool to see where people are from. While most are in the US, every now and then one will appear from a foreign country. Pretty cool. You'll have to let us know how much money the ads generate for you. If it works well, I may have to try it.