The Chocolate Lady

Monday, September 24, 2007

Im a Fashionista

Something you all should know about me, (cause it's my blog), is that, Im a Fashionista.

Yes, dont act surprised, under these 2 year old, stained maternity t-shirts, is a gal that has a passion for fashion.

And, Im more than just a mom, more than a part time working-gal, Im a versatile lady with lots of exicting things going on in my life. It's super important that I have hip and trendy outfits to wear for every occasion, so, I did some shopping.

Wanna see what I got?????

This is for when I do some dusting around the house, I just sort of shimmy against the furniture and things become sparkly and clean.

This little number is for when I go to a bull fight. Cultured women like myself attend bull fights, ya know. It's a really handy dress and allows me to attract the bull, HANDS FREE!

Sometimes when I go out, I need to be reminded and encouraged to stick to my diet. Nothing says, "dont eat fattening stuff!" quite like this ensemble. If the giant opening on the side at the hip/waist/muffin area doesnt keep me on track, the large head of lettuce on the shoulder willl serve as a reminder to "eat light."

On those days when I am in a bad mood, and while they are rare, they do happen, I can wear this. The dunce cap puts everyone on notice to leave me alone, and the hair screams, "I dont want to brush my hair"..which is the mantra of every girl deep inside.

And because Im actually a cleaning fanatic, honest, I got this, as it seems to be just what I need when spiffying up the house. It has all kinds of cloths and rags attached, so that I can just grab and scrub as I go about my day. Even the hair-do is great for cleaning between mini-blinds. How clever!

I know you are all jealous, and I cant help that, but please, dont hate me for being so in style!


Grandma J said...

Fashionista huh?....who woulda thought? All those years of college, I never knew what electives you were taken or what your minor was in. Looks like the cat's out of the bag.

It's a little out of focus but that second number. The red one. I could be mistaken, but it looks an awful lot like the dress I'm wearing to Grandparents' Day at Pooper's school. No wonder he is excited to see me. Hasta Manana chica.

The Running Girl said...

Well Kim, you and I will be twins then, because I have all those same outfits! NOT! I'll have to show this to Madison. She's always drawing clothes and outfits and has said she might like to be a fashion designer one day. She can take lessons on what not to do.

Grandma J, I think you'd look great in that red dress for grandparents day!


VDog said...

Work it, girl!