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Friday, February 29, 2008

**Contest Time**

Ok, I spent a lot of time talking about our "Vacation" and I use the word "vacation" quite loosely, as it actually was more like our time on "work detail".....and it has prompted me to wonder about YOUR vacation experiences.

So, please, share with me your most memorable vacation. It can be your most enjoyable, most romantic, most wild, most disasterous, any vacation you want to share.

Entries should include a little story about the vacation, not just, "I went to the desert"....

Everyone that enters a "little story" about their trip will be entered into a drawing, and one of my kids will pick the winner...and, hold on to your seats, -and I dont mean in the airplane-seat-as-a-life-preserver-kind-of-holding-on-to-your-seat, but in a WHHOOOOO WEEEE, this is going to be GREAT, kind of "hold on to your seat"......

The winner will receive a $10 gift card to Starbucks.

I found a few Starbucks cards in my "gift card" pile, and since the only things I get at Starbucks are hot chocolate and frappucinos, and since both of those have more calories than a Big Mac, and Im trying to reduce the size of my rear so that it might one day FIT in an airline seat, Ive decided I shouldnt go there anymore, so Im giving one of my gift cards to the winner.

So, please join in.......everyone has until midnight Pacific Standard Time, and the winner will be announced in the next day or two.


Grandma J said...

I have to rack my brain on this one.
I can't believe you are giving up Starbucks. Don't you think it would be wiser to get rid of those two boy friends? Ben & Jerry?

BOSSY said...

Bossy's Most Memorable Vacation would be every year when they go camping in rural Vermont because they actually drive 9 hours each way in order to sleep outside and poop in communal bathrooms. Just saying.

Grandma J said...

My vacation titled: OK

Ok, so my vacation tale is one I should keep to myself.
Back “in the day”, I loved skiing, and wanted to get out of the local, crowded expensive crappy slopes of So CA.
The local community college had a ski class at night, with a great, cheap ski vacation as part of the class course…sort of like the final exam. I signed my husband and I up for the classes. The wonderful all-inclusive annual trip to Banff, Alberta, Canada was over spring break and it was dirt-cheap. I signed my husband and I up for it. We would be traveling along with over 40 other class members. Let me just add that we were the oldest in the group, most were young adult students.

The morning of departure, we were supposed to meet on campus and travel to LAX on the bus. Well, we overslept and missed the bus. We took our own car to LAX to meet up with the class. Our advisor was a bit ticked off, but what was done, was done!

So, now we all board the plane. After a few minutes the flight attendant announces that the flight is wayyyy over-booked. The bidding begins….can you guess? Yep, I offer to give up my seat for $200. I will be on the next available flight to Calgary. Not only that, I make my husband do the same. Our advisor was, once again ticked. It wasn’t until we got to Calgary, four hours later than the first flight arrived did we realize that Banff was 150 km (about 90 miles) from the airport. So our entire group was sitting around the airport waiting for us to take the charter bus to Banff. I really felt bad because I had assumed they would have gone on without us. Our advisor “advised me” that they had issues with my independent attitude. He said we were supposed to travel as a group for insurance purposes.

The rest of the time in Banff was wonderful skiing, shopping and sightseeing. We both got F’s.

The End

Anonymous said...

My mom sales rubber stamps and a few years ago she got invited to a stamping event in Nebraska. I was in college and didn't have much to do that summer so we decided that we'd go together.

She picked me up in College Station, TX and we drove to Dallas to visit some of her friends. We had a nice visit in a gorgeous house in which I had my own suite!

The next day we drove to Kanasas to visit another one of her friends and then to Nebraska. We really had a great time on the drive and got to talk and laugh and have fun. We had a whole system for gas stations. She'd buy ice for the cooler, I'd drain out the water.

We got lost a few times, which makes everything more fun!

We finally made it to Nebraska and had a great time. When it was time to leave, our plan was to try to Oklahoma City and spend the night there. When we got to Oklahoma we decided that it was still early and we could push on to Dallas and get a hotel. Well Dallas came and we were only 3 or so hours to being back to College Station so we made the whole trip in one day.

When we got back to my apartment we realized that the AC wasn't working (and we don't play around with no AC in Texas!). So my mom, my roommate, and I got a hotel in College Station for the night.

My mom decided that the hotel wasn't up to her standards and pointed out that it was like being in PRISON, which we both had to laugh at! The next morning the air got fixed and she set off on her way home. But not before she got a flat tire and had to sit in a podunk town for a whole day waiting to get a new tire.

Though it ended badly (mostly for my mom). It was a great trip with a lot of memories!