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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Times they are a changin'

Valentine's Day #1

My Honey and I had just started dating, after many months of friendship. He had recently moved to Arizona, and I was still settled in Southern California. I became a regular on the Southwest flight from John Wayne to Phoenix, the first time being for Valentines Day, 1997.

I was greeted with roses, a gift bag full of lotions and sprays in my favorite fragrance; Sun-ripened Rasberry.

My Honey and I left the airport and headed to a wine shop, for a night of wine tasting. It seemed very fancy, and although I dont drink, I was looking forward to the event. You see, we wouldnt actually be drinking, we would be "tasting."

Little did I know, that "tasting" 16 different 1/2 glass of wine, is the same as DRINKING 8 glass of wine. Which is the same as being super drunk!

I thought I was so cute in my size 4, Ann Taylor skort and brown clogs. I tried to act refined and SOBER while we were at the shop, so as not to let My Honey know that I couldnt handle "tastings." Although, Im pretty sure he got the message on the way home, when we spotted a car accident on the side of the road. I opened up the car door, wanting to get out and help, however, the fact that our car was driving past the scene (and not stopping) caused My Honey to reach over, pull me inside, shut the door, and realize that he had a completely bombed date.

Whatever plans he had after that, I dont remember, because instead he stopped at the first Chinese restaurant for take out, so as to get some food in my empty stomach that hadnt eaten since before my flight.

Im pretty sure I passed out after I shovelled a carton of Orange Peel Chicken into my face. How romantic.

Valentines Day #12

Little One was screaming and crying, wanting to be held, as I helped Beauty out of her swimsuit. Pooper was still in the pool, finishing up his last 100 yards of freestyle. Through the chaos it hit me, "Oh no, I dont have anything to make for dinner, and it's Valentine's Day!"

I managed to get Beauty into some borrowed sweats, since I forgot her clothes, and Little One settled into my lap, with a free hand, I grabbed my cell phone to call My Honey.

"What should we do for dinner?" I asked

"I was thinking we could go to some place that doesnt take reservations. If we get there early, we can beat the crowd" He assured me.

"Sounds good. Pooper will be done at 5:15, and we will leave as soon as I can get him changed into some dry clothes." I said, feeling good that we had a plan.

Unfortunately, My Honey arrived at the restaurant at 5:30, only to find out they had a 2 hour wait. We figured that any other place would be the same, and decided on meeting at our favorite taco joint.

Albertacos. It's cheap, greasy, authentic, delicious, and the most unromantic joint in town.

By 6pm, we were gathered around our table, enjoying the guacamole, and commenting on how the busy hole-in-the-wall was empty because everyone else was waiting 2 hours for their dinner.

By 7pm we were home, and by 7:15 I was fishing poop out of the bathtub.

While I doubt that 12 years ago I could ever have imagined spending Cupid's holiday this way, I have to say, that in many ways, this Valentine's Day was just as romantic as the first, maybe even more so.

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?

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Joanne said...

It sounds like you had a great valentine's day!! Preston and I actually went to hear some friends of ours in a band that was the warm-up for a Neil Diamond "Hot August Nights" tribute. It made me think of your mom, as I know she went to the original (I believe it was in 1976) and she had a very good time.
The show was at the Coach House in SJC. It was so fantastic!! If they were there every night, I would probably be there too and be one of their groupies. For anyone in the area they will be in Thousand Oaks soon, check it out online. I believe is their site. Although I wasn't at the original, I felt as though this made up for it.

And my first valentine's with my "honey", I had traffic school, and when I got home there was a bouquet of flowers for me and I actually had to ask who they were from. Now, more than 35 years later, I don't really care about getting flowers, a card will do. And staying in with a nice romantic dinner will do me just fine.