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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More fun than a Caribbean cruise!

My Honey and I both love to travel. No offense to the "North Pole Express" folks, but it takes something more than a 3 mile train plod, out to the cattle fields, to satiate our vacation hunger.

With finances being pinched, we arent in a position to go anywhere...oh, we did venture to the snow last year, and there was that Make-A-Wish extravaganza to Florida a few years back.....but somehow both left us wanting on the R&R scale.

Sometimes, we talk about trips, planning them down to the detail, knowing that we arent actually going to go....but it makes us feel good to pretend we *might* go. Just for kicks, I like to go on the internet and look at the bargain prices for last minute cruises, and it makes it seem like Im almost out on the water, when I read about the itinerary and amenities on board.

The other day, I ran into a neighbor at the market. She was sharing her latest woes re: her grown children, and how they are depleting her retirement kitty. She said, "My sister has a boat and a vacation home, Ive got 3 kids!"

Earlier today, My Honey had just a tinge of envy in his voice, as he remarked that a co-worker, a childless co-worker, had an ocean view home on Newport Coast, and another residence in the mountains.

"But he doesnt have kids!" I reminded him.

"Yes, I know!" My Honey responded.

"We could be galavanting off to the South of France each Spring (or whenever it's best to go), and scuba diving in Tahiti each Fall, with ski trips to Idaho in the Winter...we could do all of that, but we have our dear children instead..." I said, as I sort of weighed things in my mind.

"Yes, I know!" said My Honey.

"And we wouldnt trade them for anything, would we? They are much more fun than a dozen vacations, arent they?" I wondered.....trying to convince myself.

"Yes" My Honey insisted, "Especially when you are wiping poop up off the floor."

By the way, we are still totally open to trying out some resort locations, and blogging about it. Yep, we are the flexible kind of folks that are fully up to "bartering" if anyone (like Beaches with Elmo) is interested.


Grandma J said...

Geesh, you just got back from the North Pole, and you are going to PA for a chocolate convention, so what else is there?

Watch the Travel Channel

heartshapedhedges said...

NOT a convention Grandma...the "convention" is the following few days, in NJ. I am actually attending 3 days of "Chocolate School"...the MARS chocolate school!

Life with Kaishon said...

This really made me smile! I wish I had somewhere spectacular to send you. We haven't gone anywhere exciting in a long time either : ). When Kaish was a baby we went on three plane trips and we haven't gone anywhere since.

I hope your New Year with the kids is DELIGHTFUL!

Jason, as himself said...

It's hard to keep a positive perspective when you're wiping poop off the floor!

I love to look at the bargain last minute cruises, too. I'd go on four cruises a year if I could.

Happy New Year!

Grandma J said...

Happy New Year! I'm so jealous you have first class seats at the Rose Bowl Game.

Your Trojans are favored to win, but be kind to your host who is a Penn State alumni. Let me know what yard line you are on! I'll be watching...for Pooper and his grandpa mainly, so make sure he waves.

jlo said...

I do the same thing every January...kind of like something to look forward to after all of the holiday hoopla. Whether I go or not is another story!!

Laura said...

I especially hate it when people have the things and the kids. But in a trade-off with the non-kids acquirer, they will never be able to understand the joy of an empty nest. Or a moment of silence. Or an uninterrupted telephone call. There are definite trade-offs.

Life with Kaishon said...

Just came over to say hi. When is the chocolate convention? Hope you are all doing well!

Kjersten said...

where is my blogging mentor? I tagged you in hopes you would blog. You must be busy making chocolate...