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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Now it's time for a commercial break

Two posts in a row! I told you we are building up to Christmas.

Now it's time for a commercial....

What does every child dream about? How about eating candy all day long, without any parental intrusion? What does every parent wish they had as a child, but now that they are in the pareting role, says, "heck no!".....

It's the Candy Claw Arcade Game! (can you believe it? Why didnt I invite this?????)

Not to be confused with , "stuffed-animal-claw-arcade-game-that-children-get-stuck-in-when-their-parents-arent-watching"...this smaller version dispenses candy.

Im hoping, that since you dont have to pay, that they have taken the "scam" element out of this game. The scam element being the fact that when you play claw games at arcades, the claw is so weak and lame, that it doesnt have the strength to actually lift and dispense the item you are grabbing, thus, causing your children to go into major meltdowns right there at the foot of the game, screaming and wailing, demanding another quarter, because they "almost had it"

This Candy Claw machine, is tops on Poopers list. And, thank you to Santa at the Mall, for telling him you would get it for him. Because I hope your fluffed rear doesnt get stuck down our chimney when you come over here on Christmas Eve to deliver on your promise.

I did let Pooper know, that Santa has to ask the MOM AND DAD, and since we have a "NO CANDY TO BE EATEN WHENVER YOU WANT FROM AN ARCADE GAME IN YOUR ROOM" rule, he might not be able to bring it. AND, at this late notice, it might be hard for his elves to find all the parts, as it is a complicated item to make. To which he responded, with a look of "you dont get it" on his face,

"mom, the elves can make stuff out of SNOW if they want, they dont need, PARTS, they have the magical technology!"


Stay tuned, as our holiday posting continues.....


Grandma J said...

You need to go get Pooper that Candy Claw Grabber! Santa promised and it's either that or I FedEx the ant farm...the BIG ant farm.
I actually like the artsy tiles...nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I hate to disagree with Grandma J., but the artsy tiles would be more in place in, say, Malibu, than suburban OC. Re: the claw grabber arcade machine, one thought is that Santa only comes once a year -- does that mean the candy only gets filled once per year?? Of course, the price would factor in too (b/c we all know that Santa is just as frugal as Mommy and Daddy). And, finally, I'd need to consider the crying/whining factor -- how much of that will there be on a daily basis when the parents decide it's time to put the claw game out of reach b/c it has already dispensed its predetermined allowance of candy for the day? In my household, the cry/whine factor might just nix the toy. But one never knows if Santa cares about that since he doesn't have to listen to it.

Have fun rounding up your last minute gifts! Oh, and Grandma J. can save her $$$ on the ant farm since you already get those for free at your house -- you just need to round them up into a cozy container!

Karen B.

heartshapedhedges said...

Thank GOD for Karen B., and the voice of reason.

Yes, Karen, you are right. I already have my own ant farm, on that drives me crazy most months of the year - I reminded Grandma j of this when she told me about HER ant farm.....and thankfully she decided against it.

As for ruining Christmas, let me just flash you all back to Christmas 1973, when I was given a "spin art" machine. I dont know who gave it to me (Im SURE it wasn't "santa"). It was that thing where the little piece of paper spins around, and you drop paint on it, and it make a cool design (hey, I could light those up on the side of my house!)

I got one, and my parent quickly put it up, telling me it was to be uses for special times (code for, NEVER)....we were told if we EVER touched it, it would go in the trash.

One night, we had a babysitter (a rarity, as my parents usually enlisted aunts and grandparents for babysitting duty) and that babysitter was so excited to find the spin art machine!

I VIVIDLY remember trying to dissuade her, telling her it would be death, or, um, at least death for the spin art if we touched it, but she was too amped about trying it out, and trying it out she did.

Of course, when my parents came home and saw that the WALLS AND DRAPES had been "arted", they had a cow (trust me, as often as Grandma J had a cow, it was like living on a farm, like pioneer woman, with cows, instead of horses, but anyways....) and they THREW THE GAME IN THE TRASH!

*I* never got to do it myself (the babysitter got it out for HER to play, not us)....

as you can see, more than 30 years later, and Im still upset about this UNFAIR situation.

In any event, I think Pooper will be excited about the cool things he does get, things that dont ROT HIS TEETH THAT ALREADY HAVE A CROWN ON ONE OF THEM, so excited with his other things that he will forget all about the candy claw.

jumpinginpuddles said...

oh i need one of thse for my son he would love it for xmas and save myself two dollars everytime we go to the shops

Anonymous said...

I just got back from shooping with the family and we saw the candy claw grabber and my son went crazy over it. He wanted me to come over and try it, I just kept on walking. He thought it would be great to have at home for practice. Can you believe he thinks you need to practice for those money making,kid whining grabber claw game. I really thought he was smart at 12 years of age!