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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Please pass the toilet paper

Ok, this is officially another reason why Im glad I started this blog, because I have another thing to rant about that wouldnt be appropriate on Pooper's site . And, since there isnt really a good way to introduce the topic, Ill just put it out there and ask, What is the deal with people having sex in public bathrooms?????

I can sort of understand if homeless people or prostitutes, or maybe trampy teens (not wanting to get caught by their parents) end up having sex in a public bathroom, maybe. I mean, they probably dont have any place else, and while I would just go celibate, I do *understand* that some might just forego good manners and use a stall. A stall at a really nice restaurant or at the mall (they have nice couches in the women's bathrooms at the mall, like at Nordstroms where they have fresh flowers at the sink) or you know, places that have soap, and towels, and semi-clean floors.

But I really dont get it when rich people, people who can afford to rent a room, use airport and beach bathrooms. Are these not the most disgusting places possible to have sex? The smell alone is enough to get you, not to mention the high volume of traffic and less than romantic decor. I mean, the beach (ehem, George Michael) I can barely even walk into a beach bathroom without gagging, it's like walking into a public sewer drain, not most people's idea of "setting the mood." And now this Senator, for goodness sakes, were there no better options for this guy? He has money, power, influence, and he looks for a good time by trying to pick up a guy in the stall next to him at the airport???

What ever happend to an upscale escort service, or -here's a wild idea- meeting someone in a bar. Obviously these guys werent looking for love or an intellectually stimulating relationship, heck, the Senator never even saw the face of his target, but you would think that they would have the resources and opportunity to do a little bit better than a public bathroom.

Ive been known to wave my hand underneath the neighboring stall, never knew that was a *sign*. Good thing I always clarify my intentions by saying, "excuse me, do you have any toilet paper to spare?"


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Grandma J said...

Ok, so all the cry babies in CA are stuffing the ballot box on your poll. One little heat wave and they start whining!

Joanne said...

I just love living in southern california.

Joanne said...

the weather was hot, but now it is back to its beautiful self.