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Monday, August 13, 2007

one foot, two foot, red foot, blue foot

What is the deal with my kids and their shoes?

When you enter my house, you will be welcomed by a large stack of shoes. I thought I would make life simple and have my kids take their shoes off at the door. Most people think I do that to keep our floors nice, and guest often ask politely, "oh, would you like me to take off my shoes?" The answer is, no need. The floors are already a mess, I just have my kids take their shoes off at the door in an effort to try to keep them from losing their shoes.

If they keep their shoes on, they will end up coming off at somepoint; bathroom, bedroom, living room, while playing, or maybe even in the kitchen, and then all chances of keeping the shoes together are gone for good. Im not sure why this is, but once the shoes come off, it's like the left shoe tries to run from the right shoe, and they are rarely seen together again. So, let's just keep it simple and keep all shoes at the door, right? Wrong!

While getting ready to leave for Pooper's swim meet championships this weekend, at 6am, I might add, Beauty could not find her shoes. I take that back, she could find plenty of shoes, just not a matching pair. She had a white flip flop in the play room and a pink one in her bedroom. There was a white tennis shoe in the hall, yet we couldnt find either pink tennis shoe. We took apart the house, the car, and eventually, after 20 minutes and risk of missing the championships all together, we found her nice church shoes in her closet. So, off to the swimmeet in her shorts and nice church shoes, aye!

I must have said a hundred times in complete frustration, "In our family , we keep our shoes by the door! How many times do I have to tell you to keep your shoes by the door? If you would just listen to me, you would know where your shoes are, and that would be, by the door! For goodness sakes, I realize that it's in your blood to do the opposite of everything I say, but trust me when I tell you to put your gosh danged shoes BY THE DOOR!" I say that often, and say it loudly when we are on our way out of the house, because naturally, one of my kidlets always whimpers, "I cant find my other shoe."

Im not sure how much easier I can make it. Perhaps it's a good time to pull out our Colombian Family to remind the kids that they should be so thankful that they have shoes, as their Latin siblings dont even get any, and they should cherish and protect and PUT BY THE DOOR their shoes!

Or, maybe I can input powerful magnets into the soles, or gps tracking devices. It's almost as if my house is the Bermuda Triangle for shoes.

In any case, with school and soccer beginning soon, and Little One starting to walk, Im going to be making a trip to the shoe store this week. The new pairs will exponentially increase the number of times that someone will not be able to find their matched footwear, taking me one step closer to that inevitable nervous breakdown.

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Joanne said...


Joanne said...

I would have to say that I overall dreaded school to begin. Up too early and homework every night!!! And my kids also had trouble finding their shoes too. Did you ever just think of having them wear mismatched shoes? That would be the last time! And then there was the time I got a call from the kindergarten teacher to tell me that my daughter had no underwear on under her dress! I know she left with some on!!! Come to find out, she had an accident and threw them away! So glad that is all behind me! I never did get my medal either! Guess I'm gonna' have to buy my own.

Joanne said...

Oh, I forgot, a few years ago my husband and I moved to Texas and were invited to a party at his boss' house. The president of the company was even there! Come to find out, I had on a pair of mismatched shoes. We took photos at the party and one shows someone pointed at something out of the frame. I swear they were pointing at me and my shoes! I bet I must have made a big impression that day!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

...just hope you never have size 15's laying around...(TRIP!)...I swear you wouldn't think a shoe that big could get lost...but it still happens with 15 year olds!

Grandma J said...

Why don't you have a contest for the kids? You can offer them prizes like a quarter, dollar, ice cream etc. for each pair of matching shoes they can line up at at the door. Or, you could have a super duper prize for the kidlet who lines up the most pairs of shoes. I bet you won't have to buy any new shoes for a while except for Little One.