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Thursday, April 22, 2010

What the heck is a blog?

"What is a blog?" asked my new, loud talking friend.

"It's like Seinfeld, in writing" I answered

....and that's the best answer I have, short of rambling on about the content of my favorite blogs.

I'm attracted to the intelligent writing, that can take the day-to-day happenings in life, and make them relevant, and meaningful, and funny. Brief, yet witty, impacting me, like a shot of espresso for the soul.

One of my favorite bloggers, Bossy is on a national tour, visiting cities all across the country, meeting up with her blog readers, primarily other bloggers.

I was honored to be her "host" for Orange County, and I hope she was comfortable in the non-lavish (spare room, mostly used to stash my scrapbooking projects) quarters, which have also been home-away-from-home to the famous blogger, Grandma J.

Bossy's tour is sponsored by she gets to travel with her handsome auto (named Harrison, because, everyone needs a companion on the road, or at least it's good to pretend.) She also is sponsored by Burger King, because next to a good nights sleep, a girl needs a good breakfast sandwich....

Bossy came out in 2008, and we had a great time with friends at Las Brisas, in Laguna Beach. We met there again last night, 9 of us, and laughed, and ate, and enjoyed great company.

Part way through the night, A loud laugh bounded through the room, and then the man continued to talk in his same bellowing voice, (IMAGINE TALKING IN YOUR LOUDEST VOICE) ...well, that is what this guy did:

Recognizing great blog inspiration when I hear it, I wandered over near the mans table, hoping to maybe get a picture of the "world's loudest talking man" and as I did he shouted, "HEY, THOSE PEOPLE ALL HAVE NAMETAGS, I WONDER WHY THEY NEED NAMETAGS"

Well, this was my perfect lead-in, so I said, "Hey, we all know each other from our online blogs, and are meeting up...thus the name tags."

"Huh? What's a blog??" he said, his voice hushed with confusion.

So, we chatted about. I tried to explain blogging to the nice guy and his friends....but I dont expect non-bloggers to get it, I just dont.

For those of us that blog, reading others' blogs is enjoyable. It's a great way to get in some reading, some laughs, some inspiration. Keeping our own blog site is a great way to express our own creativity by sharing, our humor, our thoughts, our lives.

If you have a favorite blog site, share it here....and dont forget to share your own blog address too.

By the way, tonight, Bossy is meeting up with her readers in Los Angeles. I hope YOU are having fun!

AND, Im going to be posting a special give away on my Chocolate Blog, later tonight...stop by to win!


Twenty Four At Heart said...

It was a fun evening. I wish I had been feeling 100%, but it might be best I wasn't. I'm so much calmer when I'm sick!

: )

Anonymous said...

It was a good time - in spite of the SALTY food and LOUD MAN! I did enjoy the company - fun! I am inspired to blog more again too...been slowing down for a while now...time to pick it up I think! A pleasure to meet you all!

Tami & Tori said...

While I had a very good time at Las Brisas..I'd like to get our little group together again somewhere that is a little more suited for conversation. There was never a lull in the conversation but sadly I couldn't hear what anyone was saying.

Regardless...I felt that I was among "my peeeeople" when you went over and talked to the LOUD MAN at the table next to us. That is something I would have done, you just beat me to it. And...I was especially among my peeps when everyone else whipped out their camaras. Perhaps we can get together and go on a picture taking field trip??

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I have photos up on 24 today too! : )

BOSSY said...

Thanks for the hospitality and fun, it was a great time! (Minus the loud guy.)

Jason, as himself said...

Like I said, I wish I had been to the OC gathering!

And you silly Chocolate Lady. I only took your name off my blog roll because after someone doesn't post for eons of time I take them off.

Nothing personal. :)