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Saturday, November 1, 2008

I've been tagged!

I haven't been "tagged" much lately. Ive been sort of on the sidelines of blogville, busy getting incredibly misquoted in magazines like THIS ONE (although Im thankful for ANY exposure!)

But the other day, my friend KJ tagged me, with the simple task of listing, "7 random things about myself." Easy enough, except, what's considered random?

I cant list about my conservative politics, because, that's not really random. Ive never kept my opinions secret, so you all already know about THAT.

I dont think there is much about my kids that is random, their faces and embarassing moments have been plastered across the information superhighway.

So, let me try to find some things that are R. an D. Om

1. The joint on my foot, near my big toe, protrudes a bit, and my sister-in-law says I have a, "hammer toe" (nice!)

2. When I was single, I wore a diamond ring on my wedding finger, to allow myself the freedom to go out dancing without having guys try to pick up on me (as if, there was such a rush....but I did like to have fun in peace....not that all guys respect a ring on that finger anyways!) now...that I am married, and no longer go out dancing.....I dont wear a ring on that finger. My finger got to fat for my wedding ring, so I am ringless. Oh the irony.

3. My kindergarten teacher, now teaches at the school my children attend.

4. I never liked the Michael Jackson, Thriller album.

5. The only cooked vegetable I like, is corn. (did you already know that?)

6. Im afraid to go to sleep if Im the only adult in the house. Not that My Honey is much protection....if you wake him when he's sleeping (to let him know about a possible intruder, for example) he is so disoriented and loud (ie. "HUH? WHAT? HUH? ) that it's not really very protective in the case of a real intruder anyway.

7. I am the smartest person in my family (again, probably not a big secret, but Im checking to see who reads here :) )

So, there you have it. 7 RAndoM things about me.

Who shall I tag? Ill think about that and tag them in the next post.


aunt julianne said...

i don't think so..........i happen to think your cousin Christy is the smartest one in the are a close second...and then baby p is pretty smart!!

Grandma J said...

I loved the article in the Metro section. Good luck on your points.
You have my feet, sorry about that.
And you are definitely smart, but then, all four of you kids are...then comes my ten grandchildren...

I love the fact that your kindergarten teacher is a good Christian, and she gets the experience of teaching at Stoneybrooke. She should be retiring soon, right?

Cortney said...

I'm having a fun giveaway for a great cause on my blog. 4 (maybe 5) bed nets will be going to kids in Africa to prevent malaria and one (maybe 2) t-shirts will be given to the blog reader(s) that are picked. Come leave a comment before 7pm CST and enter to win! (And learn about malaria too!)

Anonymous said...

Actually your not the smartest, your the oldest! Michael is the only boy and kelly is the youngest, so that makes me the smartest!!!! If you dont believe me just ask Aaron and Trea, they know that their mom know's and can find out anything!!! Love and miss you lots.... Your very smart sister

Rebeckah said...

You are so funny : ). Great list! I can't wear my stupid diamond ring either....and SADLY, no children have been produced by me. I'm just fat : (.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't think you're the smartest, but I do think grandma J's kids are the smartest in the family- by far! Ty is smart- reminds me a lot of Mike with his sarcasm, but he's only nine, I'll get back to you when he gets his SAT scores back in seven years.

I remember you wearing a ring on your wedding finger- not too sure how smart that was on your part because you hated being single.

Anonymous said...

Who's feet do I have? I have very nice feet- no corns, no hammer toes, etc. My father has ugly feet too, hmmmm... I do admit the pinky toe is ugly on just about everyone, but mine is still okay. Other than being a dentist, doing pedicures on ugly feet has to be one of the worst jobs.