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Thursday, October 23, 2008

glimpses into a 43rd birthday

I think it was meant to be a gift, that My Honey left for work without waking me, I think.

My kids didnt mind waking me, not with birthday wishes, but with their typical morning loudness and climbing into my bed. I asked my daughter if there daddy had left anything special for me, like FLOWERS or something, she said NO. I pressed her, thinking she might have been covering for a surprise, but she assured me, there was nothing waiting for me. She remembered it was my birthday though, and then she and Pooper ran downstairs.....

I knew they were up to something, so I did what a good mom does, and checked my email. Periodically, Beauty would come up and chit chat, and remind me that nothing was going on downstairs, but gave me strict orders to stay in my room.

I poked my head out of my room, asking for permission to take a shower, and they got QUITE UPSET, thinking I might be coming out.....I assured them, I would just be in my shower, and they said, OK.

Midway through my shower, Beauty came up to tell me that if I heard a weird noise, they had it under control. At that point, honestly, it didnt matter...I was enjoying probably the only 45 seconds of serenity that I would get for the entire day, and was in no hurry to find out about noises.

Not long after coming out of the shower, I was greeted by my darlings. Beauty carried a tray (a special thing to grill veggies on the BBQ) that had a 1/2 eaten, left-over McDonalds Hot Fudge Sundae; an apple, some spice-gum drops, a bowl of freshly popped popcorn, and a nutri-grain bar. WOW! As she handed it to me, with her proud smile, Pooper threw home-made confetti at me, It was a party!

We all sat on the bed and ate breakfast together. Little One had dibs on the ice cream sundae, and nobody dared interfere.

They had made me a card, with glitter pens and plastic rhinestones, it's beautiful.

Pooper and Beauty sang their new favorite Bday song....which Pooper's heard for the first time from his teacher, just days ago, at his own Bday...and then it was sung again at Disneyland:

Here is your birthday song
It isnt very long.

That's it!! That was my birthday fun!!

The day was marked by a Field Trip to the Fire Dept. I was a chapperone for Beauty's class, and we had fun holding hands most of the time.

After housework, chocolate work, and taking the kids to swim practice, I called My Honey to figure out what he wanted to do for dinner. He was going to be working late, so the kids and I had Del Taco. Hurray!

I ended the night by passing out Yes On Prop 4 signs..... I had the gift of a birthday, the least I could do is pass that on to the unborn.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.....My best birthday present was 8 years ago, when I took Pooper home on my bday. Every year since is a precious gift, God healed his cancer and each year that he is here for my bday, is amazing. I was lucky to spend my bday with all of my kids. No need for fancy restaurants or jewelry..... I have the most precious things a mom could want!


Leeann said...

Happy birthday! And you're right, our kids ARE our most precious gift.

That having been said, did DH acknowledge your birthday at some point in the day?


Grandma J said...

How fun! I see I trained Pooper and Beauty right on what's for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Belated wishes to a beautiful person, inside and out. And wrinkles are a sign of a life well-lived. I'm SOOO glad that you got to have that delightful birthday breakfast with your beloved children. Isn't life grand?

Karen B.

jlo said...

Happy Birthday BFF! I love that they threw confetti at you. Kids are the best!