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Sunday, July 29, 2007

And baby makes a bunch of other stuff

Recently, My Honey and I took the kids out to eat, at a real restaurant, the kind with menus and waitresses. We had cuddled into our booth and the kids were struggling with each other over the chips and guacamole, and as they pulled it back and forth across the table, their whining seemed to fade as THEY walked in. THEY being a young couple with their little Princess.

Oh boy, "first-time-parent-alert" I said. The strong daddy had her car seat in one hand, while he carried her sippy cup and blankey in the other. The mommy was not far behind, with her GIANT designer diaper bag and a puffy, floral, high chair cover. The sweet hostess was even part of the mix, as she was bringing along a second tote.

It was an extravagent set up, as mommy covered the dingy high chair with the soft, pink hibiscus quilt, and daddy started pulling things out of the bag; a table tray, plastic bowl and spoon, bib, some toys and a baggie of o-shaped snacks. They put little Princess in and belted her in securely. I sat mesmerized at the whole show, while my Little One stood in her high chair, shovelling fists of guacamole into her mouth.

My Honey noted, "One day they'll go out with just an extra diaper in their back pocket."

I've never gotten into the whole boutique-style-baby thing. It's a lot of work. I can barely remember to get my kids out of the car, let alone all their garb and gadgets. So, I have to chuckle as I come across the first time moms that go the extra mile regarding baby care and comfort.

Im sure one day my kids will be in therapy, with their damaged self-esteems, because I allowed them to eat food off the ground and risked their lives in metal grocery carts. It's not that I dont love them, or want the best for them, it's just that I cant do it all, I couldnt with one, and I definitely cant with three! (can you imagine what I'd have to bring to a restaurant for 3?? and they dont make quilted covers for the grocery carts with plastic cars on the fronts.)

We finished up dinner, and headed on home, full, happy, and with seat belts.


ksharm said...

This is gonna be fun.....Very funny stuff, Kim!

The Running Girl said...

I'm so glad you've started a blog. It's already in my favorites. And if your kids are going to need therapy from eating food that has been dropped on the floor, my kids will be there to keep them company!

Joanne said...

Have you ever heard of Erma Bombeck? You may have a whole other career going!